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Our Favorite Life Hacks

[ 0 ] June 20, 2018 |

5. I try to burn 1000 active calories a day. This would be impossible if not for my DeskCycle 2. This small machine fits under my desk and allows me to passively pedal (and still get my work done) for hours at a time.

4. I have used DayOne as a family diary for years, but I’ve recently expanded its use. I now have journals for things like yard work, dog records, and receipts. If I need to know the last time I fertilized my lawn I look in DayOne.

3. With 5 in our family, we have a lot of shoes. We’ve tried many different ways to keep them organized, but nothing stuck until I created my ‘wall of shoes’ in our garage.

2. I hate clutter. This compulsion leads me to find/create order where I can, which in turn led to using velcro to store my computer at work (a Mac Mini) and external hard drive under my desk.

1. There are many practical ways to use the Amazon Echo, but using it to add items to the grocery list is by far the most useful in my family. Combine this with grocery delivery, and we have to save hundreds of hours/year.

Condo Insurance: What You Should Know

[ 0 ] March 27, 2018 |
What you have: Master Policy

When buying an attached home (condo or townhome), part of the HOA fee goes toward the Master Insurance Policy. The Master Policy covers liability & property coverage for the HOA. This policy DOES NOT cover the inside of each unit; this coverage insures each building from the “studs out.”

What you might also need: HO6 & Loss Assessment

When buying an attached dwelling, you will want to ADD an HO6 policy, which covers the unit’s contents, and any damage from the “studs in” (e.g., kitchen fire damage, loss from theft).

Finally, while the exterior of each building may be covered with the Master Policy, the deductible is still the homeowner responsibility. This deductible used to be manageable, but now insurance companies (generally) charge 10% of the total cost of the work. Let’s say a hail storm hits, resulting in each building needing a new roof. And let’s say each roof costs $50,000 — for a total cost of $400,000. If there are a total of 24 owners, and if the deductible is $40,000, each owner will owe just under $1700 for his/her portion of the deductible.

You as the owner can either start saving now for this potential cost, or you can invest monthly in Loss Assessment coverage, an optional add-on to the HO6 policy (i.e., H06 policy is prerequisite to this coverage). You should be able to get $5000 of coverage for around $10/month.


Record your iPhone screen

[ 0 ] November 14, 2017 |


Digging Deeper (to unearth the questions you haven’t thought to ask)

[ 0 ] October 9, 2017 |

Have you ever unintentionally buried someone else’s (dead) cat in your garden? Well, I have. And while it was admittedly regrettable, I did learn a valuable, if not elementary, lesson from the experience — a lesson that transfers quite nicely to real estate.

That is, take a closer look and ask a few more questions so that 1) you have a clear understanding of what you’re getting into, and 2) you don’t later regret your decision.

Had I taken just a few extra seconds to study the features of the cat, or to simply read the tags on the still intact collar, I would have realized this wasn’t our Daisy. I still may have decided to bury and eulogize the deceased, but it would have been a conscious choice. As it was, I made a hasty and ultimately regrettable decision to bury Daisy’s doppelganger in a shallow grave in the middle of our garden. (I still feel bad DD’s owners never learned of their mate’s fate.)

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What’s not to Love

[ 0 ] October 9, 2017 |

When selling your home, you want buyers to be indifferent to most features of the home, and you want them to absolutely fall in love with two or three things. To put it another way, when listing and selling a home, our goal is that 80% of the home would be just fine…not a distraction, but that the other 20% of the home would be the real draw.

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If Only….

[ 0 ] September 29, 2017 |

Allow us to help you avoid potential real estate regret

There’s always one more question we wish we’d asked…one more bit of information we wish we would have gathered. I like to call them “if onlys.” Things like, “if only I had known the market would go up like it did I wouldn’t have sold;” or, “if only I had thought of Facebook first;” or, “if only I had known having a husband was like having an extra kid.”While we can’t help you with your personal “if onlys,” we can certainly help you get in front of potential real estate regrets.

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Our Stabilizing Market

[ 0 ] September 20, 2017 |

In Northern Colorado, anyone paying attention knows the real estate market of the past few years has been booming for sellers. Based upon firsthand experience, without looking at a single stat, we would tell you homes are much more attainable now as compared to 2014-2016. In the three previous years, it was very difficult for a buyer to have an offer accepted on any home priced under $400k — even if they offered more money, and even if they removed some (or all) of the contract contingencies. While the current Northern Colorado real estate market is still skewed toward sellers, it’s no longer ONLY a sellers market.

This is our experience, but what do the stats say? We looked at the past three years’ sales in the Brown Farm neighborhood in Fort Collins, during the months of June 15 to August 15. We chose this neighborhood because it’s large (which means there would be plenty of data), and because the price range is generally average for Fort Collins. This is what we found: Read More

Larimer County Property Valuations

[ 0 ] May 9, 2017 |

Superficial vs. Enduring

[ 0 ] March 27, 2017 |

As we see it, there are two types of improvements you can make to your home — we’ll call them “Superficial” and “Enduring.” A “superficial” change/improvement could be new paint, new countertops, or maybe new floor coverings. What we’re calling an “enduring” improvement might be a change to the floorplan, an addition to the home, or even the planting of trees in the yard.

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Fossil Creek Park

[ 0 ] March 16, 2017 |

One of the newer and largest parks on Fort Collins’ south side, Fossil Creek Park, is another family favorite. Kids love the modern play equipment, climbable wooly mammoth, rock wall, giant slide and skate park. Fossil Creek’s design not only provides a great space for children of all ages, but also allows parents to efficiently keep an eye on their busy, moving kids. Not in the mood for the playground? Take your dogs to the dog park or for a walk around Fossil Creek Lake. Or, just bring a blanket and hike to the top of the grassy hill overlooking the playground and lake, and take in the beautiful mountain view. Fossil Creek Park is yet another fantastic Fort Collins recreation destination!


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