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There seems to always be a strong market for Quail Hollow

When it comes to real estate, it’s not accurate to say I’ve seen it “all.” For example, I was an aloof elementary school kid when, in the early-to-mid 80s, interest rates crept up to nearly 20%. But in my nearly 19 years in real estate I have experienced better markets (as measured by how quickly, and for how much of a premium, residential real estate is selling), and worse markets (as measured by how long, and for how much of a discount, that same real estate is selling). In my time, and in my experience, the Quail Hollow subdivision has remained a constant. No matter what is happening in the market at large, there seems to always be a strong market for Quail Hollow.


The homes themselves in Quail Hollow are just fine, but not objectively noteworthy. You’ll find traditional two story floorplans, you’ll also find two story floorplans that are a bit more “funky” (kind of a two story home mixed with a split level), and you’ll find ranch style homes. Some (not all) of these floorplans leave a bit to be desired, and the quality of construction would largely be considered average. 


If you’re a trail runner or mountain biker, we think you will especially love this location

So, why is there a buyer for nearly every Quail Hollow property, regardless of economic climate? The appeal of Quail Hollow, as you may have guessed, is the location. Specifically, it’s the easy (and even pleasant) access to parks, Spring Creek Trail and the foothills. The south edge of Quail Hollow connects with Cottonwood Glen Park, which is in turn attached to Spring Canyon Park. These parks have acres and acres of open green space, multiple playgrounds, tennis & basketball courts, a skate park, baseball fields, and even a large dog park. Quail Hollow is also adjacent to Spring Creek Trail — which will take you through town to the east — where it ultimately converges with the Poudre River Trail, and to the south where it connects to Fossil Creek Trail. And if you’re a trail runner or mountain biker, you will really love this location. Access to Pinewood Natural Area is as easy as hopping on your bike and riding for about 30 seconds. And if you want a longer ride, just connect to Maxwell Natural Area, and then to the trails that run along the east edge of Horsetooth Reservoir.

If you’re a buyer who is interested in a more modern home, with upgrades and special features throughout, you will not likely be interested in Quail Hollow. But if you like being outside, and if you want to play where you live, Quail Hollow is really tough to beat.



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