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When selling your home, you want buyers to be indifferent to most features of the home, and you want them to absolutely fall in love with two or three things. To put it another way, when listing and selling a home, our goal is that 80% of the home would be just fine…not a distraction, but that the other 20% of the home would be the real draw.

For example, let’s say you have a beautiful and peaceful backyard, and nice views of the foothills. If highlighted correctly, these two features alone may very well be the reason your home sells. Therefore, we will work to emphasize your backyard and the view: 1) we’ll ensure the yard is nicely landscaped, staged, and free of any outdoor clutter/distractions, and 2) we’ll wash windows and raise the blinds. Potential buyers can now see themselves enjoying the peace and beauty of your yard from the moment they move in–no work involved; and the views are no longer theoretical, they are right in front of them in full view.

Now that the 20% has been highlighted, we will work to limit the distractions. Whether buyers know it, if your house is a bit untidy, for example, it will affect their ability to “fall in love” with the home (which will in turn affect whether they choose to write the offer, and will also impact how much they are willing to pay), no matter how much they love the backyard and the views. And I don’t mean “untidy” simply as it relates to your stuff. Let’s say you recently painted the home, and let’s say it was done in a hurry. If the result was sloppy work (colors that bleed into each other, for example), this will be a distraction for potential buyers. It would likely be worthwhile to spend the time or the money (by way of hiring an expert) to have it done right. If we don’t highlight the special aspects of your home/property and ALSO remove (or at least reduce) the distractions, the result will be a lower sales price and a longer marketing time.

Purchasing a home is largely an emotional decision, and that perfect 20% may be what pushes potential buyers to your home over another option (and that 80% can become 100% if not well-managed). It can only be a good thing, for you as a seller, if buyers have a positive emotional response to your home. You have the opportunity to either enhance this positive emotional response, or you have the opportunity to detract from it. We know how to identify and build upon what is wonderful about your home, and to make sure potential buyers see it, too.

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